season's greetings to you! echo us' 7th full length is in progress - about 65% complete! work will resume in the new year - for ongoing updates join the echo us e-list.


the music video for may morning dew (celtic-trad.) is released! up next week is "aeriel"!



Next week comes the first of two new videoclips from To Wake a dream in moving water! For previews and news visit the echo us facebook


head over to the Echo us blog for some special news!


Some perspectives on To Wake a Dream in Moving Water…

PROG MAGAZINE: this LP is a significant achievement, combining influences from Fripp and Eno, Floyd, Oldfield and Ianaudi to make a distinctive whole.


CDs coming soon to AMAZON (all over the world) – distributor (for this album happens to be CDBaby) is late getting CD listings up. In the US you can purchase direct from www.echous.net in Germany Just For Kicks.


happy new year! Echo Us latest album and video release are featured news on Orkus! this week. For a limited time you can stream the entire album on progstreaming as well!


For those in Europe every preorder of "Wake" on amazon.de before Dec 6 can receive 3 unreleased Echo Us tracks - if you preorder email info@echous.net and they'll be sent by the end of next week! Tracks include White Wednesday (2013 mix only played live), To Dream or Die (A Priori unreleased track), and one other surprise!


the begin to remember vr1 VIDEO is released and to wake a dream in moving water is out! available from www.echous.net! for a limited time order the wake album and receive the 2005 echo us debut, first ordering option HERE!


now that halloween is over, preorders of to wake a dream in moving water are available from www.echous.net! preorder the wake album HERE!


sea of tranquility publishes the full press release about the release of "to wake a dream in moving water". Sign up for the echo us e-list to get further news on pre-order offers and more from Ethan Matthews and echo us.



to wake a dream in moving water is now making the end of year previews, from Progarchy to betreutesproggen.de More on the way, including the video single for "Begin to Remember"!



Echo Us return from the abyss! "To wake a dream in moving water" is due November 29th! www.echous.net will feature promo clips, behind the scenes info, exclusive pre-orders and much more in the coming weeks! catch up with Ethan in the studio HERE.



The past two months have been a flurry of sessions and difficult but enriching work required to complete an Echo us album. Teri untalan (who played on the tide decides) and chris smith (who played on A priori memoriae) both returned to add viola/violin and many flutes (respectively) to the upcoming album. A blog with teri is HERE, and another about chris's work on the project here.

A major shift is underway in our release schedule / process. The new (celtic and breton themed) album is bursting and ready to come out this fall. With that reality, the original release plans that included the album which the latest video single (It's time for winter) sprung from are shelved for the time being. this is no way means there were any problems with that album- it was completed a few years ago and didn't see release at the time because of a variety of factors effecting ethan, and the echo us project as a whole. More news soon!


It's Time For Winter is now streaming on the front page of Echous.net as well as youtube, dailymotion, and vimeo!




It's Time For Winter to be released on the solstice! The video will be streaming on major video sites on the winter solstice (Dec 21st). It will also be available as a limited download single via bandcamp. more on all this soon, as well as background material on eu5, due out in 2017!



Echo Us has a new home and studio! View the vlog below for a quick preview. At the time of this writing the album art and further post production are in effect for EU5!








Echo Us annouce a new live show, joined by Christopher Koroshetz on drums! Saturday, Nov. 1st at the Hawthorne Theater Lounge- Echo Us will play from 9pm to 10pm, with both an electronic/ambient set followed by acoustic versions of Nightlight and others!

Saturday, Nov. 1st 2014
Vibrissae/Echo Us
$5.00 cover
9:00 pm (doors at 8pm)
1507 SE 39th Ave
Portland, OR


II:XII, A Priori Memoriae, is out in the USA!



II:XII, A Priori Memoriae, Echo Us' 4th full-length album is out in the whole of Europe, along with the new video for Chrysalis! The album get's a 10/10 here!




II:XII, A Priori Memoriae, Echo Us' 4th full-length album is now available in the UK- Order here. On Friday 19th of September the album will ship in Europe. Pre-orders available for Europe and USA will ship on the 19th and 7 Oct respectively. By October 7th digipaks will also be available through www.echous.net

We are running a pre-release contest "Spot The Arrangement!" - check out all the details on AWordFromWithin!

The first (German) review is published by My Revelations. In the coming weeks Echo Us will be featured in Eclipsed! Magazine and Orkus, amongst many others!


Official release news is here! II:XII, À Priori Memoriaé will be released on 19 Sep (Europe), 15 Sep (UK), and 7 Oct (USA) via Dust On The Tracks, with distribution through SPV. A promo trailer for the album is up for listening on youtube: II:XII, À Priori Memoriaé album trailer


...as well as an in-depth documentary on the album's creation:



Echo Us has signed a worldwide deal with the German label Dust On The Tracks for the release of II:XII, À Priori Memoriaé ! The album will be issued in late August and distributed through SPV and partners on digipak. More to follow- plans are currently underway- Check out the new A Priori page on www.echous.net for full tracklisting and details.



Ethan will be accompanied by Dusty Richards (upright bass) tomorrow, Feb 11th at 12pm at Portland State University's Smith Memorial Student Union (SW Harrison and Broadway RM SMSU 101). The performance is part of the "Live At Lunch" series- the setlist will be half Echo Us songs as well as Ethan's variety of acoustic guitar pieces, and a few surprise covers!


It took us a lot to get through the holidays, Happy New Year in belation ! Now released is the new 'mini-documentary' on the recording of II:XII, À Priori Memoriaé- Echo Us plays Jimmy Mak's (details below) on Jan 28th and will also appear at Portland State University for a show on Feb 11th-



Echo Us' will open for Mel Brown's Septet at Jimmy Mak's Jazz Club in January!

Tue, Jan 28th 2014:

"Partners in Jazz" artist Echo Us [6:30-7:30pm]
$6 cover

The Mel Brown Septet [8:00pm]

221 NW 10th
Portland OR 97209

We had a great time at Music Millennium and look forward to a very special night at Jimmy's!


10.22.2013 Echo Us' animated halloween lullaby is complete. The video for Nightlight is on the front page of www.echous.net as well as viewable direct on youtube here.

If you are in the Portland area don't forget to check out one of the acoustic performances by Ethan and Raelyn coming up soon- They will be at Music Millennium on Saturday November 9th at 5 pm.


Echo Us' Tomorrow Will Tell The Story won the Vox Pop Award at the 12th Annual IMA's! This was a bit of a surprise, and it's all due to all the fans and friends of Echo Us that voted, not any industry panel. Thanks goes out to everyone of you that voted! More exciting news on the way for the rest of the year and beyond~

Stills from the Nightlight video are now available on the Echo Us Facebook. The video single is planned now for a Fall release. Stay tuned via the E-list for more!


As many now know, Echo Us was nominated last week in the IMAs for "Best Eclectic Album". The Independent Music Awards have both a panel and public voting process. The panel vote results come in May, and the public can vote anytime up until the public vote results in July.

Vote for Echo Us' Tomorrow Will Tell The Story at the IMAs click HERE and register.

More News As It Comes! ~~~



Ethan was a guest on the Halloween Show of Soundscapes Radio [KRVM Eugene] back in Oct- Echo Us' Tomorrow Will Tell The Story warming up for ofcourse, on halloween- Tubular Bells! We've finally got the interview up on youtube....be sure to check it out as it covers so much detail not only about the latest Echo Us album, but past projects as well:




Echo Us' Tomorrow Will Tell The Story is nominated in the "Best Eclectic Album" category at the 12th Annual Independent Music Awards! The IMA's have a long history and it is an honor to have the album recognized by the IMA panel.

More news on the follow-up to Tomorrow Will Tell The Story coming soon. The album is complete, mastered and ready to move forward for release once some final decisions are made. On a related note, in progress are mixes to yet another subsequent album. It's been a very busy start to 2013!



Echo Us' Tomorrow Will Tell The Story is one of the TOP 10 New Age albums of 2012 on New Age Music World ! Mixing of the next Echo Us album is complete, and we are now devising the game-plan for 2013.




Ethan will be on KRVM's Soundscapes program 9pm PST this evening! Playing some new and some old, and discussion of all things Echo Us and beyond.



Echo Us grabs a bit of local spotlight on Oregon Music News- check out Jeff Melton's interview with Ethan covering much of his work from Greyhaven through the current Echo Us.

Interviews with Ethan are also seen in Lizard Magazine in Poland, and the upcoming issue of Fireworks Magazine (UK)



Tomorrow Will Tell The Story gets great standings from Hypnagogue- Read it all here . Also, now finally out is part 2 of the Echo Us documentary interview series- part 2 goes into the past as well as bringing things up to speed for the future.Also, don't forget to check out the new video mix of Mirror In The Window .


Tomorrow Will Tell The Story~ The Extended Edition is now out and available! Copies can be ordered direct through www.echous.net or, if in Europe through Just For Kicks in Germany and Musea Records in France. More news, video material and updates on everything as it develops.

In Germany and the rest of Europe, Ethan has a featured interview in Zillo Magazine, and by picking up a copy you'll also score the Zillo April CD Sampler for which Echo Us took part. The sampler disc has an interesting supply of artists, from Ministry and Wumpscut to newer acts in the electro and goth scenes.


We've made some decisions here, and Ethan decided to go ahead and pull together the lyrics from the album into a digital notebook just like for The Tide Decides. The digital notebook will only be sent out with direct orders from www.echous.net only. Have a look!

Signed Pre-orders are still going on until the 20th ~ Ordering direct now will give you both a signed copy and the Notebook from Tomorrow Will Tell The Story.


A new interview with Ethan is just now published at Music Artery. Ethan talks with Jett Black about the new album, music and everything metaphysical and all ~ Less than a month to go until the offiicial release! Stay tuned...


Tomorrow Will Tell The Story signed Pre-orders start today! Order the album now and receive a signed copy and discounted price shipped to arrive by March 20- the release date of the CD.

The first part of our interview series all about the album starts today as well~ Youtube upload of part 1 is available for viewing. A busy weekend and week is ahead~ Happy New Year and to all a good night !


Holiday Sale for direct orders from www.echous.net ! Purchase The Tide Decides and receive a free copy of the 2005 Debut album- Only here for the month of December. A great way to get aquainted with Echo Us in looking forward to the CD release of Tomorrow Will Tell The Story.

We've also discounted the Debut CD to 5 dollars for this month at CDBaby -


Upcoming news about the CD album is here! It looks like this will all be going down on March 20th 2012- We'll be releasing some new sound clips and video soon all about Tomorrow Will Tell The Story-

The album itself is fully remastered from last year's digi-release, complete with 3 bonus tracks and more complete sequencing; emboldening the mystical nature of this amazing work.


Tomorrow Will Tell The Story is a featured review at Sea Of Tranquility:

The review by Mark Johnson is up for viewing ; as well as the interview featured last month.


Interview originally published on Prognaut.com is now updated with new happenings-

In October Ethan got together with Mark Johnson to talk about Tomorrow Will Tell The Story, and since the digital issue of the album in September a lot has transpired- Ethan is working on the followup to "Tomorrow" now and the continuing evolution of Echo Us moves into new territory again-

Sea of Tranquility Interview with Ethan.


Short-form animation video "The Mirror In The Window" released!

The Mirror In The Window is a collaboration between Echo Us and digital artist Andrea Attili.

The apex of Echo Us' latest album, Tomorrow Will Tell The Story, the Mirror In The Window video short is based on the dynamic superposition of images, bringing forth free association through the creation of stories in the mind of the viewer...

Ethan Matthews: "Andrea's video short 'Persistence In Kerr Metrics' caught my eye earlier this year and I knew it was the perfect method of displaying the concepts brought forth on the album- it is particularly enlightening to find that still images I've been taking and compiling for years can fit so well into the complete idea- The Mirror In The Window is as much a video short as it is a music video."

Andrea Attili

Two other pieces of Echo Us video are also available to youtube viewers; both 'remuxed' from various pieces of digital animation, Anchors Away and This Is The Dream The Dream is You appear with their original working titles "Adonai" and "YHVH" respectively. -www.echous.net

Adonai / Anchors Away

YHVH / This is The Dream...


Tomorrow Will Tell The Story is now available on I-tunes and many other digital retailers!

Www.echous.net is anew and loaded with clips and one full song on our front page. The “Tomorrow Will Tell...” link at the top has all the details and links to the media page about the album. Catch some photos and extra art from the making of the album as well on youtube [click for promo trailer].

Extended cd is in the works for the coming months!


An interview has been published at ProgArchives, talking about the past and uplifting into the future. In other news, www.echous.net is anew!


'Descending From The Dream' was chosen for inclusion on the Infectious Unease Radio Compilation.

Unbeknownst to us here until recently Henta was one of five nominees in the new age catagory at this year's Grammys for her album Laserium For The Soul

The last session of harp tracks were recorded last week with Raelyn on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The followup to The Tide Decides is officially in the mixing stage.


It is now confirmed that Seattle based vocalist Henta will take part in the recording of the next Echo Us album.

Henta, a singer/songwriter originally from the UK has recorded three solo albums as well as numerous collaborations. Her angelic vocals express the female element just below the surface on The Tide Decides, and give a much bigger dimension to the sound of Echo Us. Sound samples from the album in progress will be posted shortly.


Lords of Metal published the latest interview about the album for their new issue, calling The Tide Decides the most mysterious album of the year. Check it out at their website!


A new interview about The Tide Decides is now published by the Prognaut site. Check out the updates to the media page for another interview and more articles. More to come in September!


In addition to the clips available here, the album is available for full previews @ last.fm You can also request songs on these radio stations


The Tide Decides is now available! To order proceed here or find out more about the release on the Tide Decides Page. The album is also available through cdbaby and amazon.com (as well as other worldly amazon sites) and www.musearecords.com


Final release details and album extras are in!

The Tide Decides Notebook is now posted. The Notebook begins with a poetry synopsis of the album and concludes with full lyrics. The cd-album will be available for order on this site on 7-6-2009 as well as through Musea and many of their distributors by 7-8-2009. This week a review is published in Background Magazine and you can see more reviews here


There is an audio interview from late 2005 added to the site that was almost long lost, but dredged up thanks to David Vessel from Escape From Noise Radio. You can listen to it here

In keeping up with the very distant past, we also have been posting old Greyhaven live footage on youtube. Check out the Absolute Probability channel

The official release date for The Tide Decides is set for July 6th. Very soon another piece of this puzzle will be seen exclusively on www.echous.net, a short ebook about the concept album


Echo Us is pleased to announce a partnership with Musea Records for the release of the conceptual album “The Tide Decides” this July, 2009. The album will be released under the imprint Musea Parallèle, Musea’s arm for ‘fusion’ releases. It is with pleasure to be working once again with Musea, who also distributed Greyhaven’s debut (Angular Records) and has such a strong history in progressive music. Stay tuned up for a lot more information on this opus of an album!



Echo Us recorded with Raelyn Olson once again in late November of 2008. The sessions were expansive and very smooth at the same time, bringing a new glimmer to the Echo Us sound and too the third album that is working it’s way toward the mix stages.

Not to get to far ahead, you may have noticed that we have the final sound samples up for The Tide Decides. We still hope for an early spring release, and if not summer at the latest. It has been a long time for this project, and as you can tell from the sound samples a lot went into the audio production of this release. There are forthcoming announcements in the next few weeks once we are totally settled in Portland again. Hope everyone is having a great start to 2009!



Release planning for The Tide Decides is now underway, and a few selected songs from the album were added to playlists of a few progressive radio shows in the past month. Ethan plans on moving the studio once more before the release of the album, and after that time work will continue on the release as well as work on EU3.

EU3 is titled "Tomorrow Will Tell The Story" and unlike The Tide Decides it is shaping up to be much more compact. Ethan is working with a different mix system and the album is musically made up of samples from The Tide Decides. An interesting twist on sample based music, EU3 does what other ambient projects have been doing to some extent, but instead decides to comment on itself rather than sampling external music's. Almost all the music was composed in short bursts of spontaneity. At this time, Echo Us plans on again instilling the harp talents of Raelyn Olson who also played on The Tide Decides.

There is also a very interesting interview from AEA zine posted which is a new posting for this site.



Echo Us' album release of The TIde Decides will feature a 2 page notebook of chronological poetry pertaining to the album. The piece is a stream of consciousness in one sense, but dovetails in order with the musical peices on the album taking the whole experience in a new direction. It's the first time we've done anything of the sort with Echo Us or past projects, so it should be a fun and novel experience. The Tide Decides Notebook will be distributed within the cd, and will not be available from major shops such as amazon or cd baby where custom packaging is prohibitive. All the better to support the independent webstores and www.echous.net because we have more control over what goes out through those channels.