"I certainly believe in going within to find a connection with the outer world. To find the 'child' within where everything is open to speculation and wonder...it's a sort of 'psychic' connection for me, and music is simply part of the process."

Echo Us is a musical concept project active since the turn of the century. Begun by American composer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan J. Matthews, “Echo Us” literally means “to answer”, or “to connect”. The current format of the project began in 2001. Echo Us would become a vehicle for Matthew’s forays into the world of metaphysics, as much as it was a continuation of his musical and creative world that had begun a decade earlier.

Matthew’s calls his unique approach to composition “musical channeling”. Echo Us music is often written in trance states with automatic writing as the primary technique for capturing the material. ‘Spiritualist’ phenomena has at times completely surrounded the recording process, with 2012’s Tomorrow Will Tell The Story being the most lucid example. Tomorrow Will Tell The Story won an Independent Music Award and 2014’s II:XII, A Priori Memoriae completed a three-album trilogy describing consciousness raising itself through three concurrent levels. Echo Us music is both about pattern recognition and intuition, and features few stylistic boundaries.


“I can feel almost instantly when something that is coming out of me will be Echo Us music, it engulfs me in its undeniable conscious-thought-patterns, which are very different than other projects I completed before. These days it is the only music I pursue; it gives a powerful enough draw to make me absolutely act on impulse- that impulse is my most favorite feeling in the world. That, is to me – Echo Us music” [Matthews; 2016].